Track car telemetry in 3D 3D space

How this works: The Games we support can deliver telemetry over UDP, we save parse and display this data.


  • GLSL Shaders for efficient visualization

    Custom Vertex and Fragment shader support, pre made shader library

  • Realtime visuals in a browser

    Monitor Data from anywhere in the world with your browser

  • Race and compare data

    Compare Lap times and look at corresponding telemetry

  • YDIY fully download raw data at anytime

    Your data is Yours, you can do whatever you want we are simple a middleman to save data

  • Custom Input

    Use custom inputs to visualize data from anywhere

  • Collaborative Mapping

    Many different clients can make up one map invite other users

Most of the stuff above unfortunately doesn’t work yet help me build this on github

  • Open Source

    Fully open source ready to selfhost